CUI: Buzzer & Speaker 3D Models Shrink Time-to-Market

//CUI: Buzzer & Speaker 3D Models Shrink Time-to-Market

CUI: Buzzer & Speaker 3D Models Shrink Time-to-Market

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Development cycles continue to shrink at a rapid pace in the electronics space. What used to take years to develop has been slimmed down to just a handful of months. This trend rings true for a variety of industries. Whether it is the culture of hyperspeed innovation, companies striving to differentiate from competitors, or a large customer-base that expects cutting-edge product offerings, companies and entire industries are being forced to re-think their time-to-market strategies. It is a critical make-or-break factor for business success today.

Consequently, as companies are seeking to solidify competitive advantage through shorter design and development cycles, major pressures are being put on design and manufacturing engineers that must keep pace. In fact, according to Electronic Design’s 2015 Annual Salary Survey, time-to-market pressures surfaced as one of the top three concerns engineers face at work. To alleviate these pressures head-on, many engineers are turning to suppliers who understand the time constraints they are under and can provide solutions that are easy to implement immediately.

One such supplier is CUI Inc, who has developed ready-made 3D models that streamline the design process for applications requiring audio components, including buzzers and speakers. This allows engineers to configure, view, and download 3D drawings in any of the major computer-aided design (CAD) formats, significantly simplifying and speeding the development process.

“We believe this service provides a valuable tool for our customers, especially as design cycles continue to shorten and

[engineers] are asked to do more with fewer resources at their disposal,” commented CUI’s VP of Marketing, Jeff Schnabel.

The buzzer and speaker 3D models are available without registration via CUI’s 3D Model Catalog and through CUI’s distribution partners Digi-Key, Mouser, and Future Electronics. The models can be dropped directly into a product’s design. The engineer can then check compatibility in just a few mouse clicks, enabling them to specify micro audio components quicker and reduce the design cycle.

Want more?

To request samples of Buzzer and Speaker products from CUI, head over to their page and request further information.

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