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A New Direction in Wireless  For Better Wireless Systems

Airgain is a leading smart antenna and wireless systems developer focused on improving the mass market’s wireless connectivity experience through its embedded antenna technology and wireless systems products.  Their innovative antenna solutions and systems open up exciting new possibilities in residential wireless services requiring design flexibility and reliable, whole-home wireless data and video coverage.

As the industry leader in embedded, high-gain directional antenna products, Airgain’s expanded portfolio of embedded antenna products includes its flagship, high performance MaxBeam product line for 802.11b/g and 802.11n MIMO systems, and its new Profile family of low-profile PCB antennas for increased design flexibility.  For designers and manufacturers of next-generation residential wireless systems, Airgain is the smart way to wireless.

Product & Technology

Wi-Fi networks are only as good as the coverage and performance they provide. Airgain is a leading developer of smart antenna solutions that increase the coverage, performance and availability of wireless networks. On price and performance, our products compete effectively with static omnidirectional and directional antennas.

Specific benefits of our smart antennas include:

Greater Range – Provides superior performance, delivering up to a two-fold increase in range over static antenna solutions.

Higher Throughput – Delivers the highest available throughput in a coverage area that is twice as large as the coverage area of static antennas.

Increased Availability – Reduces spatial variations in the signal to noise ratio, resulting in significantly greater availability of consistently high data rate communications between WLAN devices.

Reduced Interference – Dramatically reduces interference in dense deployments of WLAN networks, for example in multi-dwelling buildings with high adoption rate of wireless gateways.

Lower Cost – Competitive to currently used static dipole antennas and priced significantly below that of competing range extending solutions.

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