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Headquartered in San Jose, California, Redpine Signals, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor, IoT devices and wireless system solutions company focusing on innovative ultra-low power and high-performance products for next-generation wireless applications. Redpine’s technology and products cover multiple market segments in the IoT (industrial, medical, automotive, connected home, connected car, smart energy, building automation and real-time locationing), mobile and networking markets.

Its module product portfolio includes several certified embedded and hosted modules with and without embedded antenna. The leading module product families from Redpine include n-Link (hosted), Connect-io-n (embedded), WiSeConnect (advanced embedded secured), WiSeMCU (MCU and multi-protocol wireless) and WaveCombo™ (V2X communication). Redpine also offers Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certified Wi-Fi module and a High Power Module (23 dBm) for Drone and other similar markets.

The n-Link™ family of IEEE802.11n single stream modules designed to provide high throughputs at ultra low power consumption. The modules have an integrated MAC, baseband processor, RF transceiver and power amplifier. An integrated processor allows for providing a rich set of peripherals with minimal load on the host processor. The small form factor enables the customer to use these modules in handhelds and other portable consumer electronic products. The modules allow for interfacing with the host over SDIO and SPI.

WiSeConnect™ modules are fully integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n modules with advanced features for M2M, industrial, medical, enterprise and IOT (Internet of Things) applications. Powered with WiFi-Direct™, it can directly communicate with smartphones and tablet PCs without an Access Point based infrastructure. Integrated with Enterprise Security as well as TCP/IP and WLAN stacks, it can be designed quickly into any Host platform for secure and standards based WiFi connectivity in a variety of environments. Requiring no external BOM, the module integrates a MAC, Baseband Processor, RF Transceiver with power amplifier, a frequency reference and an antenna. The module comes with a comprehensive API set to make software integration quick and seamless. Based on Redpine Signals 802.11n SoC RS9110 and alternatively on Redpine’s RS9113 M2MCombo chipset, it is designed to provide wireless connectivity to devices that have a UART or SPI interface.

WaveCombo in an integrated, multi-protocol wireless solution with ultra- low power and a low cost designed to drive the emergence of the connected car. It combines 802.11p. 802.11abgn, Bluetooth 4.0 Dual mode (classic and low energy) and 802.15.4/ZigBee into a single solution. It enables dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) as well as non-DSRC applications while also featuring low power consumption ideal for use in bicycles, helmets, smart phones, and any such non-vehicular applications for rider as well as pedestrian safety.

The Connect-io-n™ products are highly integrated single stream 802.11n modules designed to provide future-proof ‘plug-and-play’ Wi-Fi connectivity to embedded devices. They all feature standard UART or SPI interfaces to a host microcontroller and include all the functionality required in a WLAN client. They also include a full networking stack running on the embedded processor within Redpine’s chipset, enabling network connectivity into numerous embedded systems with no additional burden on their microcontrollers. The Connect-io-n series includes variants offering single or dual-band operation and choice of form-factor.

Redpine Signals RS10000 WiSeMCU™ devices are the industry’s first Wireless MCU with a multi-protocol wireless (Wi-Fi+Bluetooth+Zigbee) sub-system. These Modules are fully integrated with an ultra-low-power ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller as an application processor, a built-in wireless subsystem, advanced security, power-management, frequency reference, RF power-amplifiers, diversity RF Front-end and passives. The WiSeMCU™ comes with an SDK to enable plug-and-play hardware and software development for the wireless Internet of things.

The RS9113 FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified Wi-Fi module is based on Redpine Signals’ RS9113 ultra-low-power Convergence SoC. These modules offer dual-band 1×1 802.11n. They are high performance, long range and ultra-low power modules and include a multi-threaded MAC processor called ThreadArch®, digital and analog peripheral interfaces, baseband digital signal processor, calibration OTP memory, dual-band RF transceiver, dual-band high-power amplifiers, baluns, diplexers, diversity switch and Quad-SPI flash.

The module’s embedded firmware includes the WLAN protocol stack along with WPA/WPA2-PSK and WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP) and a feature-rich TCP/IP stack thus providing a fully-integrated solution for secure embedded low-end wireless applications. These modules can be connected to 8/16/32-bit host processors through SPI, UART, USB and USB-CDC interfaces.

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