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ATS and Ismosys Sign Pan-European Sales Representative Agreement

Apr 7, 2016

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.  (ATS) the premiere innovator and solutions provider for the thermal management of electronics is now represented by the preeminent European sales resource for leading edge semiconductors and technologies.  Ismosys (Integrated Sales Marketing and Operations System) will represent all ATS products across Continental Europe, including liquid cooling, cold plates, heat pipes, heat sinks and attachment systems for developing more effective cooling solutions for electronic components, PCBs and enclosures.

The new business relationship represents the continued expansion of ATS’s global footprint to better serve their customers. The ATS worldwide distribution network includes Digi-Key Corporation, , Arrow Electronics and Mouser Electronics,. With its key sales representatives now including Ismosys on the European continent, ATS can bring best in class technical and sales support to customers -across Europe.

“ATS is pleased and excited to work with Ismosys in Europe”, says Steve Nolan, Senior Director of Global Sales for ATS. “We have the world’s most innovative thermal management products with a high degree of OEM adoption.  Ismosys’ unique model and product line synergies will enable customers to get the most out of our products and services to solve even the most demanding thermal challenges.”

Ismosys offers a new approach to the traditional electronics sales channel. They combine the familiar ‘rep’ sales and sophisticated marketing functions with multiple added value services that include design, manufacturing and specialized fulfillment. From its 8 offices across Europe, Ismosys partners with all business sectors to deliver exactly what the customer requires at any stage of the product – or company – development cycle.

“Thermal Management presents a key challenge in the majority of system designs.” Says Nigel Watts, Managing Director of Ismosys. “We are building a strong portfolio of solutions in this vital area of design and we are delighted to have reached an agreement with Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) to present their portfolio to our many existing and potentially new customers. They have a full portfolio of products but we believe that there will be special interest in both the cold plate liquid cooling and maxiFLOW™ heat sink technologies. Our initial task will be to promote these innovations to the European audience together with our design service distribution partners Arrow Electronics, DigiKey Corporation and Mouser Electronics; in addition we will share the technology with our twenty seven independent design house partners located throughout Europe. As the European representative Ismosys are perfectly positioned to provide the local support necessary for customers to design ATS products into their systems with full confidence.”

For more information on Advanced Thermal Solutions products and services, please contact your local Ismosys representative or email ATS at [email protected].

About ATS (www.qats.com)

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc (ATS) is a leading engineering/manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics. Founded in 1989 as a consulting company, ATS has evolved to a complete thermal solutions provider and is world renowned for its portfolio of more than 5000 high- and ultra-performance heat sinks, research-quality test equipment, and leading-edge R&D. ATS has a manufacturing center in the US, worldwide distribution center in China , and strategic partnerships with key Asian manufacturers.  In addition to ultra-performance heat sinks and their unique attachment products, ATS’s  offerings include advanced fan trays, heat pipes, TEC assemblies, advanced cold plate, liquid cooling systems, and next-generation thermal test instruments. For more on ATS, visit www.qats.com or send email to [email protected]

About Ismosys  (www.ismosys.com)
Ismosys is the principal trading division of the Spectrum Electronics Group, originally founded in 1994 to provide the best sales, marketing and operational support to the electronics industry.  Operating out of 10 regional offices throughout Europe, Ismosys connects customers through unique access to technology, information and services.  Ismosys provides the knowledge and local understanding in each territory, coming from senior positions across the electronics industry, bringing a significant level of experience to our customers. Throughout Europe, they provide an unparalleled level of support and expertise needed in the industry.