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ISMOsys to exhibit at Electronica 2023

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Alif Semiconductor joins ‘Embracing the Future’ AI seminar.

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Ismosys welcomes Draco Systems to the Design Partner Programme

Jun 10, 2016

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The team at Ismosys are delighted to welcome Draco Systems as the newest design house to join the Design Partner Programme. They are the latest partner to join us in forging closing relationships between design houses and manufacturers and gaining exclusive access to the European design market.

About Draco Systems

Draco Systems S.L. was founded in early January 2004, as a result of the enthusiasm and vision of a group of engineers with extensive experience in technical and scientific projects of hardware and software. Draco Systems’ philosophy is to always use cutting-edge technologies, enabling constant innovation, as well as addressing the entire spectrum of services which differentiates them from their competitors. Draco Systems deliver high quality, reliable and cost effective solutions to a variety of  technology companies. In the first few years, Draco has successfully executed over 50 projects across various markets.


Draco Systems has designed electronic products for a variety of niche markets. Their versatile engineering team has experience in working with a broad set of technologies which provides the best solution for the need. They are not specialised in any particular sector, as their technology can be applied to many products and needs. Draco works across diverse sectors and can deliver solutions for any market.

Draco Systems’ innovations

Draco Systems have developed a number of different products for social good:

  • Portable electrocardiography devices for NGO’s and developing countries.
  • Joint rehabilitation devices for the elderly and children that can send the data straight back to the doctor for review.
  • Toy robots for autism patients.
  • Airbags for motorcycle helmets to reduce injury on impact.
  • All devices are low power, to enable environmentally sound applications.

Draco Systems has successfully implemented solutions for both SME and large businesses. Their approach and technologies enable the next generation of devices and embedded applications including hand held appliances, medical devices, automation, wireless and much more.

For more information about Draco Systems, check out their portfolio. You can also find all their contact details on our design partners page.