As of January 1st 2016, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe was renamed Fujitsu Electronics Europe, to reflect the new market positioning and offering.

Today Fujitsu Electronics Europe forms the value-added distribution channel not only of the existing Fujitsu product portfolio but also for new high-quality electronic components and services supplied by other Fujitsu divisions and external partners.

FEEU’s overall strategy is firmly driven by its customers, with the aim of becoming an important value-added link in the complete supply chain. Regional commitment is of major importance with regards to delivery.

This addition of FEEU to the ISMOsys family brings with it disruptive and innovative products from companies like:

This hugely diverse set of products, from high precision resistors through to language translators while passing through Xilinx FPGA platforms and Energy harvesting technology will truly accelerate your innovations, delivering better products with a faster time to market.

You can find out more, request samples and find links to their full product catalogue on their product line page.