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The extended family of independent design houses who form the ISMOsys Design Service Plus partners include both large and small companies and provide various specialisms and applications expertise to deliver the very best in electronics design.

Antronics Limited
Antronics Limited
Providing contracted embedded systems consultancy and firmware development services, with experience in IoT, M2M, and remote monitoring applications. With over 20 years’ experience working on diverse projects ranging from radar systems to vending machines, Antronics can bring a unique insight to your electronics project.
Our core competence is firmware development for interfacing, control, and communication with embedded computing and a good understanding of analogue & digital electronic systems.
Our customers range from large corporations such as BT to small start-ups, locally and as far afield as Silicon Valley, taking development from prototypes to volume manufacturing.
The company is an authority in the use of DSPs for audio processing applications and is a leading member of the international DECT Forum.
The company is an authority in the use of DSPs for audio processing applications and is a leading member of the international DECT Forum.

HQ: Basingstoke, UK
Tel: +44 1256 359426
Web: antronics.co.uk

Bithium S.A
Bithium S.A
Bithium S.A. is a Portugal-based electronics design consultancy specialising in wireless communication – DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and ZigBee – as well as in VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technologies. Bithium’s expertise spans the entire development process; product specification, embedded system design, industrial design, prototyping, and production testing/trouble shooting.
The company is an authority in the use of DSPs for audio processing applications and is a leading member of the international DECT Forum.
The company is an authority in the use of DSPs for audio processing applications and is a leading member of the international DECT Forum.

HQ: Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: +351 21 3304224
Web: bithium.com

Bytesnap Design
Bytesnap Design
ByteSnap is one of the UK’s leading electronics design consultancies. We develop hardware and software for electronic devices and our award-winning technical expertise spans several markets – Internet of Things/Smart Home, Energy, EV charging, Industrial, and more.

Our wide-ranging competencies include Microsoft Embedded, Yocto Linux, Android & iPhone App Development; plus, Wireless, High Speed Digital Design, ZigBee and FPGA.

With our own EMC test chamber, ByteSnap can prequalify your designs from the earliest stages of development – providing further efficiencies and savings on your project time and costs.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, client liaison is one of our service hallmarks; at ByteSnap we provide advice and assistance throughout the product life cycle. Talk to us about how our experienced engineers can support your product development and accelerate your time to market.
ByteSnap Design offers ZigBee device design and development experience and expertise.

HQ: Birmingham, UK
Tel: +44 121 222 5433
Web: bytesnap.com

Centum Adeneo
Centum Adeneo
Centum Adeneo, a Centum group company, offers a broad range of services across different industry segments : aerospace, automotive, communication, defence, energy, industry, medical, railways. It has continuously invested in strengthening its design & product development capabilities while developing deep domain knowledge going from digital & analog electronic, power supply, software, FPGA to power electronics and energy storage and including mechanical design, electrical wiring, thermal simulation, safety architecture and certification process… in all the segments it operates in. Centum Group has also established truly world-class manufacturing facilities with cutting edge infrastructure as well as a global supply chain capable of delivering products with high quality and reliability.
Centum Adeneo offers Engineering Services as well as Built-To-Spec commitment, going from early feasibility to long time product delivery to help to contain global life cycle cost.

HQ: Ecully, France
Tel: +33 4 72 18 08 40
Web: www.centumadeneo.com

Convert Technologies
Convert Technologies
Convert Technologies was founded in 2013, as Entotem limited, and are UK based with offices in Derby and Newbury. The trading name of Convert Technologies was introduced in September 2016. Convert are a highly specialised and disruptive technology design company working in Audio, Hifi, home entertainment and health sectors.

Convert license their patent-based technology to established brands providing tailored solutions to fit specific requirements. Industry leading capabilities and strengths are demonstrated in solutions for world leading wireless audio conversion (DAT-Air), amplification services with class-leading audio quality in small form factors (VOC-AL); and comprehensive, fully featured media streaming platforms.

Many of our designs are fully approved and available at a range of licence and end user price levels. With a long history of commercial and engineering experience, Convert are expert at negotiating the relationship between BOM and MSRP, maximising brand margins while achieving the highest levels of end-customer satisfaction.

HQ: Derby, UK
Contact: Ian Grostate, Commercial Director
Office: 01332 291972
Web: www.convert-av.com

Covnetics Limited
Covnetics Limited
Covnetics is a leading UK-based FPGA and ASIC specialist engineering team providing expertise for outsourced digital logic design (customised IP development) and verification. Covnetics has the capability and skill set to deliver complete project developments from conception to implementation.
We offer electronic systems design expertise (telecoms and ethernet packet processing), verification capability including RTL design review, simulation and hardware emulation, API development and embedded software solutions, hardware design/review, hardware diagnostic/fault finding as well as many other services (see website for more details).
Established in 2010 as a partner of excellence for OEMs providing quality FPGA and ASIC design services and expertise. We are proficient with leading FPGA vendor toolsets. Our working knowledge of good design practice and sound project management is our key to delivering results on time. Clients range from start-ups to blue-chip across the UK and Europe.

HQ: Nuneaton, UK
Tel: +44 24 7679 6570
Web: covnetics.com

Based in Zottegem, Belgium, C.P.E. bvba is a full-service electronics design house specialized in customer-specific development of electronic products and systems. CPE houses a full production and design/R&D facility and has a broad experience in both electronic hardware and software projects. CPE has its own production and test department.
The team’s electronics design experience spans analog/digital/FPGA/RF and PCB. More specifically CPE offers customers direct access to its expertise in embedded systems based on microcontrollers (PIC, PSoC, Atmel, TI, ARM,…), FPGA and RF. Both embedded C, Linux and app integration are supported.
CPE has specific experience on Powerline communication, LED driver development, RF integration (ISM band Long Range LoRa) and programmable analog/digital design. PCB design expertise includes FR4, flexible pcb, 3D-flex pcb and aluminium (LED) pcb.
CPE also assists customers with rapid prototyping services and medium volume production of boards thanks to an in-house SMD production line.

HQ: Zottegem, Belgium
Tel: +32 9 329.05.09
Web: c-p-e.be

DSL Limited
DSL Limited
Sometimes off-the-shelf products simply cannot meet your requirements. On these occasions DSL can offer a fast and reliable bespoke electronic design service focused on delivering application specific and cost optimised solutions.
DSL provide a ‘one stop shop’ for hardware design, firmware/software development, certification and production, with obsolescence management.
DSL’s remit can range from simple control circuitry, to managing and delivering entire multi-layer, multi-board projects, from inception, design, prototyping and to delivering fully assembled and tested production quantities.

HQ: Letchworth, UK
Tel: +44 1462 675530
Web: dsl-ltd.co.uk

Draco Systems
Draco Systems
DRACO SYSTEMS S.L. was founded in early January 2004, as a result of the enthusiasm and vision of a group of engineers. DRACO’s philosophy is always using the cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to constantly innovate, as well as addressing the entire spectrum of services which differentiates us from our competitors. DRACO delivers high quality, reliable and cost effective solutions to technology companies.

HQ: Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 560 70 10
Web: dracosystems.net

Eggtronic SRL
Eggtronic SRL
Based in Modena, Italy, Eggtronic srl is a full-service electronics consultancy focused on the design, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic boards and complete products.
The team’s electronics design experience spans analog/digital/FPGA/PCBs, hardware (motherboards, embedded systems based on microcontrollers, ARM, x86), software), BSP, Linux, Windows CE / Embedded, BIOS customization, VHDL, development of IPcore on programmable logics) and power electronics.

HQ: Moderna, Italy
Tel: +39 059 828984
Web: eggtronic.com

Founded in 2008, we are based in Wroclaw – Poland’s high-tech hub and home to two internationally renowned universities with which we retain strong links. Our team of qualified and educated people deliver innovative and effective solutions.
Our standout client solutions include RHINO, our industry-leading integrated building management system, and ready-made microcomputer chiliSOM and liteSOM modules designed to accelerate the development of IoT solutions.
In 2016, we became part of the Howard Scott Group, building our capacity and powering our growth across Europe.

HQ: Wroclaw, Poland
Tel: +48 71 716 40 99
Web: grinn-global.com

Rome-based ipTronix provides clients throughout Europe with the best digital design and consultation service available. The company’s expertise in scaler, video processing systems on FPGAs, highly integrated SoCs and silicon & software debugging, is delivered with a highly cooperative and a proactive can-do approach, complemented by an efficient information flow and fast response times.

HQ: Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 059 828984
Web: iptronix.com

It Does Lighting Ltd
It Does Lighting Ltd
Headed by Lorraine Calcott, one of Europe’s foremost lighting designers it does Lighting brings well over 25 years of experience in lighting projects of all types and sizes. The company works internationally both as a lighting consultant and as a designer having won numerous awards for its innovation. . Lorraine is an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) holding the highest attainable level four status under the ILP’s designer competency structure.
The company prides itself on its ability to create and deliver the right lighting solution, including artificial circadian human centric lighting, sport lighting and to address smart cities while recognising the needs of the modern business for energy reduction.

HQ: Milton Keynes, UK
Tel: 01908 560110
Web: itdoes.co.uk

Inverto NV is a specialist in advanced technology electronic control systems in three main application areas: Renewable energy; including high-voltage solar cell installations and hybrid motor drives; Inductive applications; including wireless power transfer and wireless charging of heaters and lighting. Lighting applications ranges from domestic, through commercial to the highly specialised, such as photographic and 3D. From its base near to Ghent in Belgium, Inverto offers flexible options for engagement that range from involvement at specific stages of the process through to delivery of an entire turnkey solution.

HQ: Evergem, Belgium
Tel: +32 9 385 84 55
Web: inverto.be

Microprocessor Engineering
Microprocessor Engineering
MicroProcessor Engineering (MPE) is a UK based specialist real time and embedded system engineering consultancy. Leveraging more than twenty-five years top-level experience in the Forth programming language, MPE supports the entire development cycle – hardware, software and firmware – tailored to support a large and varied range of embedded targets.

HQ: Liverpool, UK
Tel: +44 23 8063 1441
Web: mpeforth.com

mSemicon Teoranta
mSemicon Teoranta
Dublin-based mSemicon is a full-service custom technology consultancy and turnkey supplier of electronic products and subassemblies. The company provides fast development times, optimised performance and on-time delivery in its development of projects ranging from the simplest of battery-powered devices to complex multi-FPGA high performance data processing systems. mSemicon is able to address many markets but is particularly strong in power electronics, RF and embedded microcontroller systems. All mSemicon products are supplied from ISO9001 qualified development, testing and manufacturing facilities.

HQ: Dublin, Ireland
Tel: +353 1 487 7600
Web: msemicon.com

MVP Consultancy
MVP Consultancy
We specialise in prototyping hardware products.

Working primarily with start-up’s we bring a wealth of experience to help them validate their concepts and secure design and development funding.

We also engage with design houses and design departments of established companies, helping in the development of electronic hardware, firmware and software for their projects to quickly put together new, innovative products.

HQ: Surbiton, UK
Tel: +44 7917277527
Web: mvp-consultancy.com

Onlab has been developing R&D works since 2014 by its team consist of expert professionals who are proficient in power electronics and motor control systems, sensor electronics and wireless communications technologies. The company mainly aims to provide services on the elevator industry and waste management technologies while it also accepts consultancy requests or project ideas in many different fields.
Today, Onlab serves its customers which are mainly from Turkey and then Europe, Asia and America continents through its innovative solutions.

HQ: Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 216 504 54 21
Web: onlab.com.tr

Promwad Innovation Company
Promwad Innovation Company
One of the largest independent electronics design houses in Eastern Europe Promwad has its HQ in Moscow and and a development centre in Minsk (Belarus) from where it provides a comprehensive range of cost-effective electronics development services spanning; concept & industrial design, h/w & s/w development, testing & certification, prototyping and mass-production support.
Promwad’s highly experienced team of technical experts deliver flexible business relationship, an efficient project management processes and a wide range of up-to-date technologies to many Tier 1 customers in the fields of; consumer electronics, telecommunications, transportation, automation, media & entertainment, etc.

HQ: Minsk, Belarus
Tel: +375 (17) 312 12 46
Web: promwad.com

RBZ Embedded Logic
RBZ Embedded Logic
From its facilities in Madrid, RBZ Embedded Logic provides a full spectrum of independent design services to clients in every sector of the European embedded electronics community. From the first glimmer of an idea to the point when the product goes into production the RBZ team stand ready to works with the client’s own research and development labs to ensure a smooth and successful project outcome. RBZ has been awarded full design partner status by Analog Devices Inc (ADI) and Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

HQ: Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 91 678 1463
Web: rbz.es

RELOC uses advanced technologies (radio-identification and wireless communication systems, sensing and location solutions) to create connected embedded systems, building the bridge between physical objects and cloud or mobile platforms.
Today the company provides customers with a full spectrum of engineering services in order to build cutting-edge, robust Internet-of-Things (IoT) consumer products and secure industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.
Depending on the customer specific needs, RELOC builds vertical IoT solutions, starting with the analysis of requirements, identifying the best technologies for the project, developing custom hardware or integrating existing components, creating wireless infrastructures based on the most suitable communication protocols, developing firmware and software components, manufacturing complex prototypes based on different technologies, gathering data on Cloud platforms for further analysis and, eventually, presenting contents via responsive web interfaces and mobile APPs.

HQ: Palma, Italy
Tel: +39 0521 649 116
Web: reloc.it

rhomb.io is a company with a great team of professionals who designs, develops and manufactures innovative technological devices of the highest reliability and quality at affordable prices. Our business vision is based on sharing rather than competing, so we collaborate with other companies and Spanish engineering research and development of new solutions and products. With our professional service, we will support you and your product throughout the process, from the idea to the market. We have hardware, software and manufacturing services, to provide you with the option that best suits your needs.

HQ: Valencia, Spain
Tel: +34 962 055 109
Web: rhomb.io

Founded 1988 Scemtec GmbH designs and manufactures electronic solutions in hardware and software. Utilising a fast and transparent work process based around tried and tested hardware and software modules Scemtec specialises in customer-specific control solutions for the automation, medical technology and LED lighting sectors.
Scemtec works closely with Candeled GmbH, an embedded system design consultancy positioned as a ZigBee, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and LED Lighting powerhouse and a specialist in building automation and LED lighting applications.

HQ: Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany
Tel: +49 22 65 996 – 0
Web: scemtec.com

SinTau srl
SinTau srl
SinTau s.rl. is an Italian digital electronics design consultancy making a name for itself principally in the fields of computer and telecommunication. SinTau has all the creative ingenuity, experience and technical expertise necessary to ensure a client’s product achieves the goals set, in particular with regard to performance, cost of manufacture and time to market. Collaboration with SinTau is proven to be a major boost to a clients’ own technical abilities, making the design process faster, more productive and more profitable.

HQ: L’Aquila, Italy
Tel: +39 0862 580192
Web: sintau.it

Tardigrade Snc works closely with our customers, be it a small startup of ingenious students or a large company engaged in technical innovations or rethinking of its production processes, during all the technical phases from the conception of the IoT infrastructure or of the single product up to the implementation or sale . We collaborate with other consolidated companies in the sector and this allows us to cover the entire production chain while keeping the quality offered constant at every step. Furthermore, this approach allows us to take on even a single aspect requested by the customer (eg: feasibility check, reengineering, due diligence on the work of third parties, etc.).

HQ: Spoleto, Italy
Tel: +39 3396 691 847
Web: tardigrade.it

Xentech Solutions
Xentech Solutions
Xentech Solutions is a UK -based full-service electronics design and engineering consultancy. With a focus on embedded systems development and a background in IP Networking and Datacoms the company operates a highly flexible working model that maximises the efficiencies of outsourcing, releasing the client’s own resources to focus on core IP generation.
Xentech provides all the e skills and capabilities necessary to complement a client’s in-house team or to take on the entire development process.

HQ: St Albans, UK
Tel: +44 1727 867795
Web: xentech.co.uk

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