Intel Si Photonics

Intel high-speed optical transceivers – Leveraging our market leadership in Silicon Photonics

Bandwidth demand continues to increase significantly, driving optical connectivity requirements in the data center, the telecom service provider network, and the network edge. Intel is a leading supplier of Silicon Photonics products for these applications to cloud service providers, network operators and system OEMs. Leveraging our internal research and development on advanced Silicon Photonics over many years, we now have a broad 100G, 200G and 400G pluggable optical transceiver portfolio in full production, supporting single mode and multimode applications up to 10 kilometers. And we’re currently working on more efficient leading-edge optical solutions at 800G, 1.6T and beyond.

Our Silicon Photonics platform leverages Intel’s advanced silicon manufacturing technology and scale to increase manufacturing throughput and lower our lead-times. Our unique PIC architecture includes our hybrid laser technology, resulting in a fully integrated design which translates into much higher reliability that traditional discrete optical architectures used by most other suppliers.  We are rapidly growing our footprint beyond hyperscale data centers into a more diverse set of customer segments and applications globally, leveraging our world-class Intel technology, quality, sales channels, and customer support.

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