ISSI is a manufacturer of high performance integrated circuits with an uncompromising focus on high speed and low power SRAM and low and medium density DRAM for the following key markets: automotive, communications, digital consumer, and industrial/medical/military.

Asynchronous SRAM :

  • 5V High-Speed
  • 5V Low Power
  • High Speed Low Power
  • PowerSaverTM Low Power
  • Pseudo
  • Automotive

Synchronous SRAM :

  • Pipeline
  • Flow-Thru
  • No-Wait (ZBT)
  • QUAD
  • DDR-II
  • Automotive


  • 3.3V SDR (Single Data Rate) Synchronous
  • 3.3V Synchronous Automotive
  • Special Products
  • Phased-out Products
  • 3.3V EDO and Fast Page Mode DRAM
  • Low Voltage/Mobile SDR (Single Data Rate) Synchronous DRAM
  • Mobile DDR (Double Data Rate) Synchronous DRAM
  • 2.5V DDR (Double Data Rate) Synchronous DRAM
  • 1.8V DDR2 (Double Data Rate) Synchronous DRAM

Wafer Level Memories

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