Micron has been designing and building advanced memory and semiconductor technologies for more than 30 years. Memory is the core of Micron’s strength. Its products are found in products ranging from computing, networking, and server applications, to mobile, embedded, consumer, automotive, and industrial designs.

As one of the most prolific patent holders in the world Micron continually rethinks, recasts and advances new ideas to bring innovation to the broader markets. Micron is dedicated to making your design task easier. The company strives to identify ways its technology can inspire new applications or make fundamental improvements to existing designs. With Micron, you get great memory, backed by experienced technical support-from comprehensive data sheets to time-saving simulation models and design development tools. Call on one of the company’s network of local field applications engineers if your mass-market project presents a unique challenge. Micron’s roadmap indicates its intention to build on past achievements by leveraging the synergies between its core memory business and diversified products and technologies and a commitment to help drive innovation and growth in new markets.

Micron – the Memory Specialist

Micron’s DRAMs help accelerate time-to-market with quality DRAM components-rigorously tested for high reliability in a wide range of applications-from the extreme temperature and performance needs of industrial and automotive applications to the exacting specs of enterprise systems, Micron as the right solution for the design.

For their full catalogue, visit their website www.micron.com