MNR Technology

HMI Solutions from concept to completion

Access and control define the Human Machine Interface. The HMI experience is the way people interact with their machines. It happens through ATMs, mobile phones, PDAs, security systems, access controls, automotive controls, Point of Sale terminals, marine equipment, hospital and medical equipment, and every other application where people and technology meet.

From concept to completion, MNR Technology works with you to design, manufacture and deliver complete HMI assemblies, subassemblies and components.

MNR Technology is an innovative force in this ever-growing industry. Our design and invention, over the past 20 years, made us the world leader in Human Machine Interface technology.

Whether developing a new idea or rejuvenating an existing product, MNR Technology engineering and design professionals are specialists in establishing the most appropriate mix of technologies to fulfil any HMI product requirement.

Integrated HMI Solutions

HMI, the acronym for Human Machine Interface, is the name for a diverse category of products which enable people to communicate with an increasingly wide variety of machines. HMI products include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Molded keypad products
  • Membrane Switches
  • Tactile feedback mechanisms
  • Displays and drivers
  • Transparent Touch Panels
  • Backlighting systems and components
  • Rigid and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Board assemblies
  • Cables and interconnection systems
  • Enclosures, castings and other components
  • Encoders and other electronics

From concept to completion, MNR Technology designs, tools and manufactures the highest quality custom HMI components, sub-assemblies or complete turnkey solutions in the world.

Design Process

MNR Technology offers complete product support for our clients, including design, development, engineering, manufacturing and logistics management. From concept to completion, MNR Technology is your first resource throughout the entire HMI product life cycle.


It begins with an idea and a vision. A preliminary product sketch is created, followed with basic 2D drawings to document the design intent.

Preliminary Design

Using the sketch and drawings as a guide, the basic exterior form is created in 3D space. As more details are applied, the concept matures into a solid model.


Material, texture and lighting are applied and the solid model is photo-realistically rendered to provide a true visual representation.

Rapid Prototype

On request, physical models are created to check basic form, fit and function. Using in-house 3D printing technology, samples are made in hours instead of days, accelerating the development and qualifications process.

Final Design

Upon approval, the product is now designed for manufacturing. 3D geometry is optimized for tooling. Internal components and details are finalized. 3D simulation and interference checks are performed.


The finished design geometry is now used to generate complete mechanical, electronic and cosmetic documentation.

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