Amulet Technologies is a recognised leader in high-performance embedded graphical user interface (GUI) processors, modules and development tools. Amulet’s technology enables manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve ‘drag & drop’ touch-screen GUIs with all the smart-phone type features that users have come to expect. The company’s co-processor and royalty-free GEMstudio™ Graphical Operating System runs the entire user interface, including managing and mapping all touch panel control. Amulet’s GEMstudio is a true WYSIWYG GUI design software tool that requires absolutely no coding expertise. It enables highly professional, production-ready GUIs to be created at the same time as the application code, simplifying and speeding the development and debugging process. Amulet technology enables engineers to focus on the performance of the design, while usability specialists, and graphic designers focus on creating the best possible user experience.

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