External power supplies that meet the latest efficiency regulations

CUI boasts a comprehensive product range of external ac-dc power adapters that meet new and proposed regulations, including the DoE’s Level VI regulations and the EU’s CoC Tier 2 and EMC standards. Designed to keep you one step ahead, external power supplies from CUI future-proof your designs against ever-changing regulatory frameworks.

External power supplies from CUI are highly adaptable and designed with performance in mind, coming in 5 to 150 W models, a range of voltage options and no-load power consumption as low as 0.075 W.

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Get up to speed on the EU’s new EMC standard

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is something that concerns us all. The problems caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI) have long been understood and regulations to limit radiated emissions have been in place for decades.

With the introduction of the EU’s EN55032 standards, there is more you need to know. Find out more on the blog and download a comprehensive briefing from CUI on what you need to stay compliant.

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