Valencell Overview

Valencell develops high performance biometric sensor technology and provides this patent-protected technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, wearable and hearable device makers, sports and fitness brands, medical device makers, and gaming companies for integration into their products. Valencell provides biometric sensor systems for more wearables than any other company in the world, including in products from Sony, LG, Bose, Jabra, Suunto, and many more.


Most accurate wearables on the market

Valencell has integrated its technology into smart watches, audio earbuds, sports watches, and fitness bands. If you are building a biometric wearable, Valencell will make it one of the most accurate devices on the market.

Valencell has invested years into the research and development of its PerformTek sensor technology, protected by nearly 40 foundational patents and independently validated by the Duke Center for Living, North Carolina State University, the Human Performance Laboratory and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Flexible biometric measurement

Valencell’s technology is known around the world for its accuracy in all conditions and all form factors. We can provide accurate measures of:

  • Continuous heart rate
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate zones
  • VO2 and VO2 max
  • Pace & distance (running or walking)
  • Cycling cadence
  • Caloric burn rate and total calories burned
  • Heart rate variability (RRi)
  • Activity recognition (running, lifestyle)
  • Off-wrist/out-of-ear detection

Valencell Benchmark™

Using the last decade of experiences and lessons learned by helping bring biometric wearables to market, Valencell now offers a pre-configured solution for easy integration into devices of all kinds. Valencell’s BenchmarkTM is a complete biometric sensor system that incorporates all of Valencell’s technology and expertise in a pre-packaged system for immediate integration into wearables of all kinds. Benchmark includes all the hardware and software needed for biometric sensing in a wearable, including:

  • Emitter/detector sensor electronics
  • Low-power accelerometer to track activity
  • State-of-the-art signal characterization technology to remove noise from optical signals during heavy activity and challenging environments
  • Light-guiding optomechanical designs to provide excellent optical coupling to the user’s skin

Benchmark is available in two versions:

Benchmark BW 2.0 – designed for wrist/arm wearables

Benchmark BE 2.0 – designed for hearables

Making it work

It takes more than just a sensor module to build a biometric wearable. So Valencell also offers design services and product validation services to ensure fast time-to-market and confidence in the final product to deliver accurate and meaningful user experiences.

Valencell provides experience and expertise in several other areas in the product development process:

  • Product design guidance – ensuring the biometric sensor module is correctly designed in and tested to meet your performance expectations. Valencell has been involved in over 40 biometric wearable product development projects across our customer base. We have faced, overcome, and have IP around all the majore challenges you’ll find in building a biometric wearable.
  • Prototype validation testing – You have to test these devices on a wide variety of people to ensure it will work on your entire customer base. Valencell runs a biometric wearable test lab at our headquarters, headed up by a PhD exercise physiologist and operated by a team of exercise scientists. In the lab we test our customers’ prototype devices, provide feedback to help improve product designs, and then re-test until our customers are satisfied with the results.
  • Manufacturing support – Valencell maintains an ecosystem of partners to ensure quality of manufacturing and delivery, including
    • 16 certified ODM’s/CM’s
    • 8 chip vendors
    • 7 supply chain partners
    • 2 global distributors

Development kits

The best way to get started with Valencell technology is with a development kit, which includes:

  • 1 Benchmark Sensor Sample (BW or BE)
  • 1 BLE demonstration unit (Wrist or Earbuds)
  • 1 USB development board
  • USB Cable (USB-A to USB-Mini-B)
  • USB Cable (USB-A to USB-B)
  • I2C host emulator Robotic Electronics
  • 4 Jumper wires (for I2C emulator)
  • Anti-static bags and label
  • Application software (Windows, iOS and Android)

For more information, or to request one, please contact us.

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