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Astute Electronics extends portfolio with ISMOsys acquisition

Astute Electronics have successfully acquired ISMOsys; a Pan-European representative company, well established since 1995. “ISMOsys and Astute have both achieved a truly integrated approach within the electronics industry, offering design-led distribution and...


Lightricity partners with Ismosys

  Lightricity, an innovator of high-efficiency light energy harvesting devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) is proud to announce its partnership with Ismosys, a leading representative of electronic components throughout Europe. “Lightricity’s high...


The ISMOsys Alternative Electronica

ISMOsys launches a disruptive technology tradeshow online. ISMOsys, part of the Spectrum Electronics Group, is excited to continue providing disruptive technology. Take a look at this innovative online tradeshow where you can explore all the ISMOsys product lines...


ASUS Releases Latest ROG Headset based on ES9281APRO

ASUS has introduced the latest model in its line of Republic of Gamers (ROG) headphones: the ROG Delta S gaming headset. The new headphones are equipped with MQA's award-winning "Renderer" technology and are designed to deliver flawless audio quality for gamers....


ISMOsys now represents Atmosic

With a mission to create the longest battery life solutions for IoT, the Atmosic team has leveraged three technology vectors: Lowest Power Radio, On-demand Wakeup, and Controlled Energy Harvesting. Our radio design lowers power to such an extent that we’ve reached...

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ISMOsys now represents NEW KINPO throughout EMEA

ISMOsys, part of the Spectrum Electronics Group, is excited to share that our continued strategy to deliver Total Solutions to our customers now is proud to add New Kinpo to our team, providing a wealth of services to accelerate our customers project development....

bel Power

ISMOsys now represents bel Power throughout EMEA

Bel Power Solutions provides intelligent, efficient, and reliable AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion devices. And their latest news… Bel Power Announces Melcher™ RCM Chassis Mount 60 W DC-DC Converters for Railway Applications. Bel Power...


New thin 7 segment SMD LED Display – The DSM7T Series from VCC

VCC have launched their new DSM7T series of thin 7 segment SMD LED displays. These units, capable of displaying any number and additional decimal point, is one of the thinnest yet, boasting low current durability and a bright output. This product has excellent...

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