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Power Management ICs
Switching Regulators MOSFET Drivers
Charge Pumps Battery Chargers
LED Drivers Hot-Swap Controllers
Linear Regulators References
Special Functions
Protection Advanced Communications
ESD Protection Devices Jitter Attenuation, Multiplying PLL
ESD & EMI Filter Devices Synchronous Equipment Timing Source PLL
Low-Capacitance Devices
High-Power Surge Devices
Low-Voltage (< 5V) Devices  
Power Discretes
Half Wave Discrete Rectifiers
Half Wave, High Current Assemblies
Single Phase Full Wave Bridge Assemblies
Three Phase Full Wave Bridge, Center Tap and Doubler Assemblies
Half Wave, High Voltage Assemblies
Single Phase Center Tap and Doubler Assemblies
TVS Rectifiers
High Voltage Capacitors

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